Hi. Name's Abdi Dahir and this is a place for me to mark the web in w/e strange way I feel.

I have a ton of interests and maybe not enough focus. I will have a little more to show for myself then a fractal patterned orb soon.


on the ground

  • tdot: bahen center

  • brooklyn: outpost

  • sf: another cafe

  • sf: social study

  • vancouver: starbucks

  • work: eav fifa

Spring 2015:

Port opengl to webgl. This voodoo somehow ... works. See my voxel engine ported to the web thanks to emscripten. Impressive Icosahedra work Great blog post on sunlight lighting in voxel engines. Cube to sphere Software rendering tutorial Pretty perlin noise
Game dev, opengl, and a little bit of hobby engineering.
Theres nothing more confusing then the quirks between different versions of opengl ... not to mention the differences between the platforms they run on.

Don't overvalue yourself.